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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Title: More with You (With You #2)
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: February 3, 2014


Hailey and Aiden's story

Hailey MacCoy has had a crush on Aiden since the day she met him. Over time that crush has intensified. Hailey feels she has to keep her feelings hidden due to his friendship with her brother. She struggles with the fact that Aiden only sees her as his best friends little sister. Aiden Emerson is lusting after his best friends little sister. Hailey is all of a sudden grown up and Aiden can’t stop thinking about her. She has become an important part of his life over the last year. The thought of losing her is just not an option for him. They find themselves thrown together and surrounded by wedding planning and events. Filling the roles of Maid of Honor and Best Man for their siblings. Hailey and Aiden are battling their hearts desire. Fighting against what they think they can’t have. Can Aiden and Hailey resist temptation? Can they open their hearts for more?  

Christina's Review:

Hailey and Aiden's story was just as good as the first book in my opinion. I had already fallen in love with these two, and could not wait to dive into their story!! The best part is that everyone that I had already fallen in love with was present, and I love stories that showcase a different couple, but still have everyone that I have fallen in love with in prequels!

Hailey has been in love with Aiden for as long as she can remember. She never acted on it since her brother was his best friend. After spending the past year together being almost inseparable with a mutual best friend in their lives, it is getting harder for her to resist her attraction.

Aiden had always seen Hailey as his best friend's little sister, but at some point after spending so much time together he begins to see her as the woman she has become. He tries to fight this attraction because Hailey is his best friend, and he would rather be secretly in love with her than act on his feelings and losing her forever if it didn't work out. What Aiden didn't count on was possibly losing her forever by not acting on his feelings. Will Aiden give in to his feelings and chance a love worth fighting for? Will Hailey tell Aiden how she feels and take a risk with the man of her dreams?

I read both books in this series in a day and a half. I absolutely could not put them down. I fell in love with all of the characters,and really enjoyed watching these two fall in love after denying themselves what they wanted most for so long! This book gets 4.5 stars, and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

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About The Author
Kaylee has had a passion for reading since she was a little girl. That passion has slowly led to spinning romantic tales, and a one-click addiction. When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in her kindle or fingers glued to the keyboard, you can find Kaylee hanging out with friends and family. She loves all genres of music, enjoys scrapbooking and is a huge football fan. She lives in Ohio with her husband (her real life happily ever after) and their rambunctious little boy.

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