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Friday, March 28, 2014

Wrong Blog Tour

Book: Wrong
Author: K Webster
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pepper learned in high school that you have to protect yourself—a handsome devil taught her that the hard way. And she does that by pushing away suitors. Most of them are lame, completely lacking in the brains department. Dating isn’t something she wants or needs—or is it? Jordan works hard, running his father’s legacy. A legacy that may be quickly crashing to the ground. With his brother, Jackson, together, they work to pump life back into their company. He doesn’t have time for dating, but then he meets Pepper. To Jordan, Pepper is an enigma—a fresh blast of cool air to his stressful life. She’s smart, sassy, and sexy as hell—the perfect distraction. Jordan will stop at nothing to claim her. But will Pepper allow herself to be claimed? With Jordan putting cracks in her icy heart at each encounter, Pepper starts to question who she really is—The Ice Queen or the cliché Damsel in Distress? The adorable man is quickly melting her heart and her panties. One thing’s for certain—with Jordan, Pepper struggles to hold on to the only identity she feels safe with. Will he be the one to free her heart from the icy façade and make things right? Or, will things go terribly wrong?

Christina's Review:

Pepper has refused to date or allow a man to touch her since the horrific day that changed her life in high school. She has built up walls and keeps everyone at arms length from even getting emotionally close to her. Some people think she is a straight up bitch, but deep down Pepper is just a scared girl that has never cared to open up her heart, until Jordan that is.

Jordan is sexy, successful, and smart. He has all of the soft qualities that his brother Jackson is lacking. When he meets Jackson's girlfriends best friend Pepper, he just has to get to know her and will do anything necessary to break that icy exterior of hers. 

When Pepper's past threatens their future, Jordan is her rock and protector and will fight for what they have. With his father's demon's also coming to haunt them and finding out that Pepper's father and Jordan know each other but not in a good way, can love really conquer all? Follow this swoony love story and ask yourself can something so wrong really be so right?

I had enjoyed Jackson's story in book one, but I adored Jordan in this one! Something about the sweet guy doing whatever he can to please a woman and make her his makes my insides melt. Although, I still love my bad boy Jackson. They really bring a great dynamic to this series! This book gets an easy 5 stars, and I cannot wait for what is to come next!

I’m a thirty-two-year-old self-proclaimed book nerd.  Married to for nearly eleven years, my husband and I enjoy spending time with our two lovely children.  Writing is a newly acquired fun hobby for me.  In the past, I’ve enjoyed the role as a reader.  However, recently, I learned that I absolutely love taking on the creative role as the writer.  Something about determining how the story will play out intrigues me to no end.  My husband claims that it’s because I like to control things—in a way, he’s right! 
By day, I run around from appointment to appointment, wearing many hats including, mom, wife, part-time graphic designer, blogger, networker, social media stalker, student, business owner, and book boyfriend hunter.  (It’s actually a thing—complete with pink camo.  I lurk around the internet, “researching” pictures of hot guys who fit the profile of whatever book boyfriend I’m reading or writing about)
I guess you can blame my obsession with books on my lovely grandmother, who is quite possibly my favorite person on the planet.  At an early age, she took me to the half-priced bookstore each weekend and allowed me to choose a book.  Every single time, she caved when I begged for two.  Without her encouragement, I wouldn’t have been able to cope during some hard times without my beloved books. 
Currently, I am finishing up my college degree that has taken me forever to complete.  It’s just on the list of my many “bucket-list” goals that I subject myself to.
Most days, you can find me firmly planted in front of my computer.  It’s my life.  If the world ever loses power, I’d be one of the first to die—of boredom!  But I guess as long as I have books and a light, I might just survive. 
Looking forward, you can expect to see two more novels in the Breaking the Rules Series.  I’m nearly finished with the third.  Also, I have a standalone novel that will be released soon as well. 
This writing experience has been a blast, and I’ve met some really fabulous people along the way.  I hope my readers enjoy reading my stories as much as I do writing them.  I look forward to connecting with you all!

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